UX and Product Design Coaching + Mentoring

Where in your journey are you?

Photo of a career transitioner

Career Transitioner

Those looking to get into the field of design for the first time.

Photo of a recent grad

Recent Grad

Design program graduates looking to land their first design job.

Photo of a job switcher

Job Switcher

Those already in the field of design looking to change jobs.

Photo of a career advancer

Career Advancer

Those already in the field of design looking to grow their careers.

How can coaching + mentoring help you?

Nick Finck reviewing resumes in front of a wall of resumes with sticky notes on each indicating feedback.

Nick reviewing resumes.

Nick Finck in a one-to-one coaching + mentoring session over Zoom with a product designer.

Nick in a coaching + mentoring session with a product designer.

What is design coaching + mentoring?

Design coaching + mentoring is about getting the support you need from an experienced professional to help you in your career in the field of UX deisgn and product design. These sessions are typically about one hour long and the topics could be anything from figuring out an approach for a project to figuring out what career path you want to take in the field of design. These mentoring sessions will help you see the opportunities before you, give you guidance, hold you accountable, and provide actionable things for you to do following a session.

Why should I choose Nick as my mentor?

Nick is a self-taught UX professional and has been doing design for over 24 years. Nick has also been a design instructor and has seen over 250 of his grads go on to have successful careers in the field of design. Nick's work experience includes managing design teams for over 14 years and leading organizations of over 30 designers, researchers, and managers for fortune 500 companies. He also has experience freelancing independently as well as running a design agency for five years. Nick has mentored countless designers and watched them lead successful careers in the field. In short, Nick has pretty much done a little bit of everything and that is the experience and expertise that he will bring to the table in your sessions.

Nick Finck leading a UX interviewing workshop at The University of Washington

UX interviewing workshop at The University of Washington

Coaching + Mentoring Services

Team Coaching + Mentoring

It costs a business roughly 140% of the annual salary of a senior-level designer each time a senior designer leaves. It impacts team morale, often knowledge is lost, and a newly hired designer can take as much as year to ramp up. A key reason designers leave is the lack of opportunity & support for their growth. Mentoring + coaching provides this support.

Need help coaching + mentoring your design team? I offer 1:1 coaching + mentoring for your design team through my company, Craft & Rigor. I work with your existing L&D team or help you establish your L&D program. I partner work with you to define what it is your design team needs & how to best accomplish that.

Learn more at Craft & Rigor >

Nick Finck leading a design workshop at Facebook.

Nick Finck leading a design workshop at Facebook.