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Nick Finck is a user experience professional who has worked in the web industry for over a decade. He specializes in information architecture, interaction design, usability and user research for web and mobile.

Nick has created web and mobile experiences for Fortune 500 companies including Adobe, Intel, REI, Boeing, Google, and Oprah.com. He lives and plays in Seattle, Washington, where he’s a Product Design Manager at Facebook.

Prior to working at Facebook Nick was the Senior Manager and Head of User Experience at Amazon Web Services. Before that he was the Director of User Experience at a number of agencies including Ubermind, projekt202, and Deloitte Digital. Before that he was founder of Blue Flavor, a user experience consultancy that launched one of the very first web applications for the iPhone.

Nick was the publisher of Digital Web Magazine, an online publication for web professionals, for ten years. His is a founding backer of projects such as Center Center and We Make Seattle. He is actively involved in the web community, helping as adviser to such events as SXSW Interactive, the Information Architecture Summit, WebVisions, and InfoCamp Seattle. He contributed to the WaSP InterAct Curriculum and has advised UW on their iSchool curriculum. Nick has also judged The Webby Awards, the SXSW Web Awards, and more.

He has built a reputation as a community volunteer, promoting growth within the web industry both locally and abroad. You can find Nick giving workshops for leading organizations such as Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Seattle Public Library. He has presented at most major conferences including SXSW, CHI, MIX, and more. Nick has also helped create an open source curriculum for web professionals and has lectured for and advised universities on their educational programs.

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"Nick Finck is an information architecture toreador. He has the ability to tame even the most bellowing projects-ones with tight deadlines, irrational stakeholders, and disturbing user experiences-to deliver an experience that just works. And the best part is that if you egg him on, he'll even show up to a meeting in a matador outfit." —Nishant Kothary, Microsoft MIX Online

"Digital Web Magazine has been one of the prime sources of information for Web designers. Nick Finck has made sure that DW has kept this position by being a great writer who can explain complicated things simply, an excellent editor-in-chief and an inspiration for countless other designers." —Peter-Paul Koch, Freelancer

"Nick has to be one of the most connected and influential people I know. From organizing events like WebVisions to being being the publisher of Digital Web Magazine, he puts a lot of his time into creating resources that bring people together and help them become better at their work — and he does it without asking for anything in return." —Lee LeFever, Common Craft

"Nick is a very skilled information architect whose ability to quickly grasp the desired “end-state” and translate that into site maps, workflows and page descriptions was very impressive. I found him to be intelligent, concise, collaborative and accommodating… allowing us to create a vision together instead of working in silos." —Chris Westall, Art.com

"The quality and longevity of Digital Web Magazine clearly shows Nick’s ability to create and manage – working with a large, disparate team, to tight deadlines, producing quality output and keeping it all running for, literally, years." —Cal Henderson, Yahoo

"I highly recommend Nick, he brings extensive experience and a rich skill set. He can ramp-up into even highly complex projects faster than most, and knows when to ask the right questions. His work ethic and dedication require no second-guessing." —Nate Steiner, ArmChair Media

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